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About Us

PT Naganegara Alam Nusa is a Indonesian spices exporter company deeply inspired by Indonesia’s abundant natural resources, especially its precious spices. from this inspiration, our commitment is to connect the finest spice resources of Indonesia for the best possible human utilization by delivering these spices to various country in the world. We proudly partnerships with local farmers, upholding the principles of organic farming and fair trade, resulting in the production of high-quality, non-GMO (Organic), and sustainable spices.

As a spices supplier company, we uphold the highest levels of professionalism. We offer a premium service experience with a focus on good pricing, fair trade, product safety, and product quality. At PT Naganegara Alam Nusa, we operate with dedication and professionalism, ensuring that the flavors of Indonesia’s finest spices enrich lives around the globe.


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