Discover Indonesia’s Agricultural Riches with Naganusa

Naganusa is your gateway to accessing high-quality agricultural products in Indonesia, making it easier for you to reach and utilize these natural blessings.

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About Us

We Restoring Harmony Between Nature and Humans

We are dedicated to restoring the harmony between nature and humans that has existed for 700,000 years as a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Naganusa, a proud subsidiary of PT Naganegara Alam Nusa, is dedicated to exporting Indonesia’s rich agricultural commodities in both raw and processed forms. Founded on a deep appreciation for Indonesia’s natural wealth, Naganusa aims to spread the blessings of our abundant land to people around the globe.

At Naganusa, we believe in the harmony between humans and nature, which is why our business practices are rooted in sustainability and respect for the environment. By integrating modern agricultural techniques with traditional wisdom, we ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality but also cultivated in a manner that preserves the ecosystem.

We are more than just a exporting company; we are a committed partner in business. At Naganusa, we prioritize integrity, professionalism, and trust in all our dealings. Our dedication to ethical practices and sustainable growth sets us apart. We work closely with our partners, fostering long-term relationships built on mutual respect and shared values.

Access Indonesia’s Agricultural Riches with Ease

Effortless Supplier Selection and Negotiation

Save time with an efficient export workflow. Tell us the specifications of the commodities you need, and we will provide detailed information and competitive pricing. We are flexible and open to discussion!

Direct Product Inspection

You can inspect the commodities in Indonesia, ensuring you get exactly what you need

Professional and Safe Export Handling

Your commodities will be managed transparently and professionally. We always provide the best advice to ensure secure transactions, handled by our experienced team.

Comprehensive Support

Receive full support from inquiry to delivery. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Why Choose Us

Integrity and Quality

Naganusa prioritizes integrity across all facets of its business, offering high-quality comodities to the highest International standards.

Professionalism and Experience

With a commitment to professionalism and extensive industry experience, Naganusa ensures reliable supply chain management and exceptional customer service.

Competitive Pricing and Long-term Partnership

Naganusa provides competitive pricing alongside long-term partnerships built on trust and shared values, ensuring satisfaction and sustainability for our business partners.

Through Naganusa, we bring the essence of Indonesia’s rich and diverse natural resources to the world


Our Comodities


Premium seafood sourced from Indonesia’s rich marine environments, ensuring fresh and high-quality fish for various culinary applications.


Our authentic Indonesian spices add exceptional benefits to various industries worldwide.

Tropical Fruits

Our selection of fresh tropical fruits brings the exotic taste to everyone.

Organic Fiber

Organic fibers are sustainable, eco-friendly materials known for their strength and versatility, ideal for creating a wide range of environmentally conscious products.

Alternative Animal Feed

Our alternative feed meals offer nutritious and sustainable options for livestock and aquaculture.


Naganusa offers high-quality tubers that are versatile, nutrient-rich, and valued for their unique properties, making them ideal for a wide range of industry applications.

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+62 85921881582

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